Volleyball Hires new Assistant Coach 


By Cynarah Rodriquez 

As some may know, the McPherson College Women’s Volleyball Team recently added a new member to the team and her role as an Assistant Volleyball coach will be crucial for the upcoming fall 2023 season for the bulldogs. Morgan Bryand was hired this spring season and has already made her way to campus alongside Head Coach Cory Cahill as she enters a new journey ahead of her career. Morgan recently played volleyball at Kansas Wesleyan and is looking to make the switch from player to coach as this is her first debut as an Assistant coach on the collegiate level and I met up with her to ask her about some thoughts she has moving into her first season in a different role than before. I asked Morgan why she chose McPherson College to start her journey as a coach and what things led her to wanting to become a collegiate coach and she said “I chose to coach college volleyball because of my deep passion for the game. Volleyball has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always loved everything about it – the teamwork, the strategy, the competition, and all of the joy that comes with the game. As I started to think about my career goals, I realized that coaching volleyball at the college level would allow me to share my passion for the game with others in a really meaningful way. I want to help young athletes develop their skills and achieve their dreams, while also instilling the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and perseverance that volleyball teaches.” I also asked her what is she looking forward to moving into the fall and she responded with saying “I am very excited to grow closer with the girls and grow as a coach. This spring has been just a taste of what is to come and I am already beyond excited for what is to come.” The program is very excited for Morgan to be a part of what they are creating as a culture that will continue throughout her time here and generations to come.