Cars corner: Tom’s 2006 Honda S2000s


By Israel Acosta 

This time on Cars Corner, we’ll have the pleasure of hearing Tom Frick’s story about his first car, a 2006 Honda S2000. Frick is a senior in the Auto Restoration program who continues to daily drive this trusty Honda as he has for the past six years. 

    This Honda “was love at first sight” for Frick because he was looking for something sports but affordable and the Honda S2000 seemed to check all his boxes. After the first test drive, Frick was sold and before long his dad had gone to pick it up. Frick had chosen an ideal car in any teenager’s mind, a two-door convertible sports car, and the memories he made with his little Honda are cemented in his mind. He grew up near San Diego, California, so he frequently went on drives looking for good views and roads where he could really drive the car. Frick got a few opportunities to truly test his car at open track days at Spring Mountain Motor Resort with his dad in one of his cars, a “true milestone for himself as a driver” he said. 

   Since finishing high school, Frick has driven the car through multiple states in the western part of the U.S. with McPherson being the starting point of most of these trips. Living in Kansas has been a big change with straight, open roads, but he said, “I’ve done the most adventuring while out here in Kansas.” I’d say that implies a change for the better. He noted a memorable summer interning in Denver, Colorado where he drove his trusty Honda through the Rocky Mountains on more than satisfactory driving roads. 

    Frick’s three things he feels when thinking of his involvement with his Honda S2000 are 1) excitement from driving the car, 2) familiarity and comfort from the time spent behind the wheel of the car combined with his level of confidence when in the driver’s seat, and 3) special to be an owner of such a unique, well-built car straight from Honda that is complimented by a sincere following. 

    This story reminds us that sometimes first love can be forever, or you should go buy a sportscar and start driving. Either way you look at it, Frick is a lucky owner of a 2006 Honda S2000.