By Eli Jordan 

A three-year starter, the captain of Bulldog Soccer, Dan Connell has been a force in the midfield for the Bulldogs. Originally hailing from Whaley Bridge, England, Dan has made the most of his collegiate trip across the pond. In his four years, he has worked up eight points from the midfielder position, with three of those being goals. In his time with the Bulldogs, he has racked up 4,405 minutes on the field at time of writing.  

   When asking Connell what this season has meant to him, he said, “This season has been very important because it was my last season with a big group of seniors that I have played with for four years.” Connell will graduate as a business administration and accounting major with a bachelor’s degree of science. After graduation, Connell plans to attend grad school to get his masters’ degree by either using his fifth year of eligibility or as a graduate assistant.