Bright Star


By Nathan Cartmell

The musical Bright Star, which was put on by the McPherson College Theatre department, was a heartwarming, emotional and entertaining performance brought to life by the fantastic cast. The cast did an outstanding job at capturing their characters with genuine emotion and humor. Also, the set was quite unique. I’ve never seen a set like that before. In addition, the costumes were on point and looked great. The one issue was the trouble with the microphones during the first and third performance, but that was not the fault of the actors and it still went very well. The actors pushed through the microphone issues and still delivered a very excellent performance. Bright Star was an amazing performance filled with fantastic music and many funny moments ( the improvised line “Get off my bar” and the improvised dialogue during the second night when a prop malfunctioned being a terrific example). A truly outstanding performance by the cast and crew, and I hope to see them on the stage again in the future!