Need a new time management strategy? 


By Toby Leffew 

Do you feel like the world is moving too fast? Do you feel like you can’t focus, or get anything done? Are you having a hard time pulling a Nike and “just doing it”? 

    Don’t worry, I got you. 

    College is a busy, hectic nightmare. You’ve got myriad things to do, and they’re all a necessity. It’s difficult to balance self care, cleaning, homework, work, and the multitude of other things that must be completed. Many students, myself included, struggle to balance it all. If the homework gets done, the cleaning doesn’t. If I focus on my mental health (as I am often advised to do), my grades slip. 

    About two weeks ago, I was in this exact predicament. I was overwhelmed, and it was agonizing. I had too much to do, and I couldn’t focus on any of it. Everything was too daunting, and I was in an ugly, ugly state.  

    It is often said that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Well, on that day, my guardian angel presented itself, a sword-wielding seraph, sent to slay my time-management issues.  

    Necessity gave birth right on my doorstep. Inspiration struck me in my hour of need, and I found a solution. 

    I call it the 4-15 Method.  

    Whenever I’m not at a rehearsal, classes, or any such event, I take every free hour I have and divide it into four segments. 15 minutes for academic reading, 15 minutes for schoolwork/miscellaneous work, 15 minutes for cleaning, and 15 minutes for fun. Procrastination is my enemy, and this method is what I use to tear it down. 

    I can’t guarantee this will work for you. There’s no one quick trick to help everyone, but this trick helps me. For context, no specific method of time management has worked for me. Maybe you’ll have luck with it, as well.