Holman Family Donation Revamps the Sports Center


By Eli Jordan 

On top of the Campus Commons and the Boiler House coming to the McPherson College campus, a new addition for athletes is being made as well. Largely in part of a one-million-dollar donation from the Holman family, the Sports Center already has a new look on top of the new portion coming in the future.  

The largest donation in Bulldog Athletic history has ready renovated the basketball courts, and the flooring in the Sports Center halls. The entrance to the Sports Center has a new look as well, an interactive touch screen T.V. shows ever McPherson College Bulldog statistic one would need. And on the opposite wall another T.V. shows various videos and live streams from around the KCAC.  

Another beneficiary of the early remodeling is the Volleyball team. Over the summer, a new locker room was built into the old storage room in the auxiliary gym. The top-of-the-line locker room shows signs of what’s to expect in the future.  

A 5,200-square-foot expansion to the Sports Center is coming in the near future. The main focuses of the expansion are an extension of the athletic training facilities and an expansion of the weight room. The training room will expand from 4 treatment tables to 9, 3 tape stations to 5, and 2 whirlpool tubs to 4. The other focus is an expansion of the weight room, the Chalmer E. “Woody” Woodard weight room is shared between McPherson’s seventeen different sport. After expansion a second weight room will be added so multiple sports can lift at the same time. 

Other additions will be made to current locker rooms with adding additional lockers, an update to the restrooms, and additional storage will be added once the project is completed.