Quarantine Life?


By Duce Chairs

Ever since this quarantine started to happen around the world, it started to affect people badly to where even their jobs were shutting down due to the virus. Lucky for me, I started to work and I’m lucky to even say that with the chaos going on in the world. Overall, this experience with a virus being out there in the world has been kind of weird. The reason I say weird is because at first, I didn’t believe about the power of virus until somebody I knew died, but I didn’t know if it was from COVID-19 or from something else. At that point I was shocked at what had been going on. No, I don’t wear a mask when I leave the house or when I go to work. I know it’s serious out here in the world and I want everybody to be safe, including myself as well. It’s been hard for me to work out, but I made a way of making that possible for myself to keep my body in shape. Going out to the driveway to do jump ropes and tire drills for an hour and a half has actually been entertaining and I’ve enjoyed it. It keeps me out of trouble and less of risk of going out to a gym and getting the virus. Other than working out, I’ve been helping around the house with cleaning, fixing things, and cooking with my parents and little sister. I really can’t wait until this virus is completely gone so I can get back to working out and also enjoying my new job I just got not too long ago. Working at UPS will benefit me as 19-year-old. It will also help my goals of a double major at McPherson College of Communication and Digital Media. I can’t wait for life to go back to normal.