By Joe Isaacson

I took the two weeks of spring break to just relax my body and mind. It was still kind of a shock to hear that the college was actually going through with moving everything online. During those two weeks of spring break, I was able to catch up on a lot of different anime. I was still working too, which was good. After the first week of spring break, I decided to cut my hours back tremendously. All of fall semester and up to spring break, I was working 50-60-hour weeks while keeping up with schoolwork. Since everything was moving to online, I decided to make a cut to just a mild 30 hours a week. With this new free time during the second week of spring break, I was able to get ahead on big assignments. This enabled me to have a lot more confidence for the rest of my senior year. After spring break had ended, my job was impacted. I was told not to come in for two weeks, but I would still get paid as if I was working 40 hours each week. So, I was getting more money now but not working, which was cool. The two weeks ended and I lost my job, but losing my job didn’t really scare me all that much. I’m just glad to have saved a hefty emergency fund in cases like these. I was still able to keep up with all my expenses and even was able to buy myself a (cheap) new car. During this pandemic I was able to get a really good deal on a Chrysler 300; I got it for over $2,000 cheaper and in great condition too! All in all, this pandemic wasn’t too rough for me. My goal now is to finish the year strong and endure this bad storm.