Time to Tailgate


By Joe Robben

          If you want to have an enjoyable time with friends and the community of McPherson College, you can do just that by coming to the tailgates sponsored by the athletic department. They’re before every home football game on the Miller Library Lawn. This is the first year of throwing these tailgates as the Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) is trying to create an atmosphere similar to bigger schools. The goal is to get more people involved around campus and provide the opportunity to meet new people and have a blast.

          Different clubs and organizations are in charge each time, and they help set up activities. The tailgates have different things to offer to the community, such as food trucks, games and music. For example, this past weekend when the Bulldogs faced the Tabor College Blue Jays, the tailgate was sponsored by SALT. They gave out sunglasses to the first 150 people, and they paid for ice cream for the first 50 people. Julianna Yanez, a member of SALT, said, “I think it has been beneficial on getting more students to take part in school activities and get involved.” The tailgates also offer prizes, and the cheerleaders come for a pep rally before they take the field. The tailgates will change each time, so it will provide something new and different every time for students. Yanez really enjoyed working as a part of the tailgate, saying, “I got to work and spend time with other leaders of our athletic community, as well as families of students, faculty and the people of McPherson.” The next tailgate will be on homecoming weekend Saturday, Oct. 12, as the Bulldogs face Southwestern College, so come out and support the team as well as have an amazing time!