SGA Policies Need Changed


By Tomi Simmons

          At McPherson College, students are pushed to be leaders both in and out of the classroom. Clubs on campus all have executive boards, presidents, leaders and those who organize. As of this school year, SGA has put in new policies. I know that they are put in place to help clubs thrive on campus. However, some of them seem to be overwhelming in the grand scheme of things when it comes to student leaders.

          We are supposed to be helping our clubs be the best they can be while simultaneously having to attend training and other commitments SGA has assigned. My question is, how are we supposed to juggle school, activities and work while trying to stay bonded to these conditions? During the first week of school, all leaders on campus had to attend a 10-hour training; afterward, several people were burnt out, tired and overwhelmed for what is to come this year. That training should have been over a couple of days if it were meant to be so long. Having all of these conditions will also make others not want to be leaders. Since when do people need to be trained in leadership? I believe that through experience and an open moment for ambition, leadership can be found. Molding people into thinking that you are not a good leader unless you go to a specific group forum is not how the conversation of ethical leadership on campus starts.

          I am appreciative of SGA and all that they do for us; as they do fund our clubs. However, putting on all of these restrictions is tough, especially for those with small clubs. It is difficult to find people to attend the meetings when leaders cannot. I think there needs to be a change in conversation so all students can feel they can handle being a leader.