Why I’m Proud to Own A MAGA Hat


By: Alex Polakow 

Nothing in the modern time is a more divisive piece of clothing than the MAGA hat. Everyone knows what it is: the red hats and white lettering saying “Make America Great Again.”  Most people have a visceral reaction to the saying, and the media is constantly talking about the racist undertones and people who subscribe to the saying. Gone from the media is the hate that people wearing MAGA hats get. There are plenty of stories on the internet of people being beat up simply because of a piece of clothing. Yet, despite all of this, I am a proud MAGA hat owner. To me “Make America Great Again” is so much more than a hat. It speaks to my identity as an American. America used to be, indisputably, the best country in the world from about 1959 to 1973. I would be ignorant to not admit that there were problems in the country at the time that have been solved since, but during those years, there was a constant rise in the GDP of America; unemployment dropped, the family unit was strong and the overall faith in America was phenomenally high. I now hear people reminiscing about that time, when there was social trust, stability and good times to be had like the country we live in today cannot be compared. Obviously, I was not alive during those years, however, I can say that America was certainly on top of the world at that time. I am proud to represent those ideals. I welcome the idea that we may get back to a status like that. Those who disagree with my hat will claim that I am a racist, a bigot, and a misogynist. I reject those labels. I treat all that I come across the same way. In my humble opinion, the best thing that can happen for the MAGA hat’s fraught portrayal is that the owners wear them with pride and treat all equally. Trump can lead the charge back towards the golden years of America, and I stand with him as he does. Most everyone can agree that America has had its ups and downs, and I wear my hat with pride hoping to return to the days when America could be looked up to by all other nations. 

Note from the author: This is not intended to start arguments, but rather discussion.  I will happily discuss this with anyone who is willing to rationalize their position against mine.  Please show your friends and talk about this!