Beto for President


By: Tomi Simmons

Recently, Beto O’Rourke has put up his campaign for the 2020 Presidential Election. He is the candidate we need for this upcoming election; not just because he would make a great president, but because he is going to change the way political campaigns are run. Beto is the 2020 grassroots candidate. 

These past couple of weeks, Beto has called for no pac money to fund his campaign. He is taking a chance by doing this because he might not receive enough to support his campaign. 

On March 30, Beto officially launched his campaign by hosting rallies in Austin, El Paso and Houston. Within his speeches, he spoke about political recall, universal health care, prison system reforms and climate change. The main message one can always get from Beto is that bipartisanship is important.

While many of his other opposers and the democrat party would disagree about Beto’s decision to work together with the republican party, it is the only way to reach a middle ground for our citizens and to get laws passed. 

According to the PBS article there are eight issues that Beto has continuously highlighted in his campaign. These include returning to the Paris Climate Agreement, banning assault rifles, the public option healthcare and to keep NAFTA in act. 

Recently, I have decided to launch campaign efforts here in central Kansas. Because of his experience in rural areas, I believe he could help the community of Kansas. He is going to mobilize the economy; Beto is one of the few democrats who still champions capitalism while finding the middle ground for public necessities. 

I believe in Beto because of his viewpoints on human rights, as well. He believes in the equal rights of people and demands more from our constitutions. Beto has stood up for the Black Lives Matter movement for years, recognizing how much of our criminal and law system is built of segregation. Beto understands that our country is founded upon refuge and that it should welcomed to the United States safely and lawfully. Being a pro-choice candidate is also important in this upcoming election as there has been much debate about the rights to an abortion nationally. 

Because of the gun violence that has raided the United States, Beto wants to put in place legislation that controls guns. Meaning, he plans only to let the military use assault weapons and the expansion of background checks needs to happen. 

Houston, Texas resident and McPherson College student Scarlett Rodriguez said, “ I believe in Beto because he is our grassroots candidate of choice and he is for the people by the people. Beto is positive and he sends messages of unity which could be a breath of fresh air for all of us.”

Beto O’Rourke is taking this campaign by the horns and is only going to gain more stamina as the trail leads on. Beto for 2020!