By Tomi Simmons

Women are constantly being told what to do, how to feel, and even the laws they must abide by without consensus. Motherhood is complicated and a lot of factors play into having a child. Abortion has been a legal option since 1973; however women had been doing it illegally for years prior to this. If abortion was illegal it would be dangerous to the women in this nation, because many would find unsafe ways to perform the act. Though the argument has been from people that these women are killing fetuses, it is still their right to bear or to not have these children. No one understands the circumstances happening, especially in cases of rape, medical issues, and yes I know it’s crazy to think NOT ALL WOMEN WANT CHILDREN. It is more responsible to not have children than to bring an unwanted child into this world.

On January 22nd Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed The Reproductive Health Act, stating that abortion is okay after the 24th week if there is fetal viability or a threat to the patients’ health. I would compare this to the same thing as taking someone off life support due to extreme health issues. In the moment, those responsible have to make the decision to put mercy on someone; this situation correlates to mercy and quality of life. It is not about “ripping babies out of mother’s wombs,” as President Donald Trump would say; it is about making a difficult decision because both parties have a large chance of dying. Many women go under a great deal of distress after getting an abortion after the 24th week; they are very much connected to motherhood. Dr. Robinson, a retired late term abortion doctor used to be one of four in the country years ago, discussed her experiences with the New Yorker. Her cases ranged from an eleven year old girl to a woman who was going to have a child with half a brain. This proves it is not a politicians job to judge when women can and cannot have children; it is a woman’s right to choose.

The negative language many use surrounding abortions after the 24th week needs to end. It is no one’s job to judge or to put their preconceived ideas onto another. New York is doing the right thing by signing this act; it ensures women will go out find a safe access abortion and ensure safety in birthing children. However, like I’ve  said, it is not a politician’s or a man’s job to tell women how to go about pregnancy and motherhood.