A Commentary on The State of the Union


By: Kenzie Jansonius

The State of the Union address made by President Donald Trump started on a bipartisan note, but as he continued to speak, things became more divisive. Even as he asked for unity between Republicans and Democrats, he cast the latter as obstructionists who wanted nothing more than to see the jobs of Americans “stolen” by immigrants. Another interesting point from the speech came when POTUS condemned investigations into his campaign and time already spent in office. This also evoked a comparison between Trump and former President Richard Nixon when he said, “I believe that the time has come to bring this investigation and other investigations of this matter to an end. One year of Watergate is enough.” On a more positive note, a moment of excitement for both parties came when he recognized that one century after women were given the right to vote, a record number of women had been elected to Congress. However, things were quick to devolve back into partisanship when the subject of our nation’s southern border was brought up. In the end, the State of the Union Address was almost what one would expect from a president that derives pleasure from making a spectacle of our political system.