Governor Face-Off


By: Anonymous

Democratic nominee in the upcoming election for governor in Kansas. She has been a member of the Kansas Senate since 2004. Growing up in a military family, Kelly was exposed to the important values of service, accountability, and integrity. These values have stayed with her and are influencing her campaign. During the campaign, Kelly has advocated for fiscally responsible budgets, more funding for education, and a better healthcare system. She plans to increase the funds for education and replace the money taken from KDOT (Kansas Department of Transportation) by the Brownback Administration, of which Kris Kobach was a part. Kelly has also been endorsed by 27 former and current Republican lawmakers in our state. The fact that they do not see their own party’s candidate as fit for office speaks volumes. Kobach wants to repeat the so-called “Brownback Experiment,” slashing taxes and taking money from schools and KDOT to compensate. Because of this, many moderate Republicans are considering voting for Kelly.