Racing to Victory: Cross-Country Season


By Tomi Simmons

The cross country team this year made a great run for playoffs during the season. The team got closer as a group, bonded and trained to their utmost potential. Freshman runner Alyssa Wilson stated, “We all got along really well and always treated each other like a family. There was absolutely no drama at all. We supported each other and we all had good and bad races, we just tried to push one another a little harder always.” Overall, they did well, but did not make it to the next race of playoffs after the KCAC final. Freshman Cassandra Valenzuela stated, “ Though we didn’t meet the expectations that were needed to go onto the next race, we didn’t place too bad. This could be looked at in a negative aspect but I like to view it as a challenge.”

Outdoor season consisted of six races including the KCAC championships, which they placed sixth in. The men’s cross country team placed first place this year in the Sterling College Warrior Fest and the Tabor College Invite. They trained all fall and late August with their runs and weights becoming more and more intense. Every Monday they ran long runs consisting of about eight and a half miles. As far as weights go, they worked with kettlebells for strength training and abs in order to keep their bodies in shape. Cassandra said, “Training was tough but with the right work this year, next Summer and Fall will be a great season with the team.” With this season, comes the time to perform for indoor track and field long and mid distance as well. The mid distance consists of six hundred meters to a mile; while the long distance is 1000 meters to a Ten K race. The team continues to practice five days a week and sometimes even six depending on the races scheduled. The McPherson College Bulldogs are running in the right direction to victory!