Senior Features


By: Taylor Hires-Caulk

Isaac Murphy is a senior football player at McPherson College. Isaac is from Houston Texas and came to McPherson College his freshman year without knowing what to expect. Before he came out to Kansas for football and school, he had never been out of state, so everything was a dramatic change for him. He stated that McPherson College made him feel very welcomed as soon as he arrived. He says that he was happy it was not a big school because all the staff had time to answer all of the important questions he had. He is happy that he made a decision to come to McPherson College and not a big university because he would not get the same experience there as he has had here. He said “coming to McPherson was one of the best decisions I have ever made.” He went on to explain that the football team this year is doing very well being 4-4 and competing in the conference, considering the previous years.  Isaac mentioned that this last season has been for his brothers and playing for McPherson College representing that red and white! Isaac said that watching the team change over the years has been crazy, going from coach to coach and watching players come and go, but these last couple years the coach has been leading them in the right direction and changing the program in a positive way. Isaac has lead the team in tackles this season and he’s hoping to continue doing everything he can to help this program rise to the top. “Ultimately, this season has been dedicated to number 15, one of my brothers, Braden Bush”, said Isaac. As most of you know Braden Bush was one of the most positive people on campus and on the field, always putting others before himself. Isaac expressed that this football team has become extremely close this season and there is nobody else he would rather go to battle with. McPherson Football is having a good season and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.