Christmas Cheer


By Isaac Murphy

Christmas is a time of the year when many people are happy. The people who are happy during this time are in a magical state, a state in which they believe wishes really can come true. There are so many activities that bring friends and family together while preparing for Christmas. You get to pick out your tree and decorate it. You hang the lights up on the house and illuminate the street. You bake cookies to decorate and all sorts of yummy sweets. Christmas is a time for laughter, love and giving. It is the best time of the year.

Even though Christmas is such a wonderful holiday, it seems to rush Thanksgiving. Many people start to put their Christmas trees and lights up right before or right after Thanksgiving. When these holidays are rushed together due to people feeling as if there is not enough time or money, that is what causes the stress during the holidays. For some, the holiday season is hard to get through due to losing loved ones. When you find people who find this time of year hard, do what you can do to pass on the laughter and love. It is a feeling everyone should feel.

Now as much as we all love the lights on the houses, and the gifts under the trees, that is not what Christmas is truly about. The true meaning of Christmas is God showing his love for us. Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ life. It can be a time of healing and strength. Jesus was born so the price could be paid for what all we’ve done wrong. Christmas brings so many emotions for everyone, so just be nice and live like Jesus would and ALWAYS pass on the love and laughter because everyone could use it.

P.s. Do not forget to leave your cookies and milk out for Santa, and definitely, do not forget to leave some food out for his precious reindeer.