Volume 97, Issue 7   |   15 Feb., 2013

Thursday May 12, 2011

Prom: high school drama gets three stars

By Michael Holman
Spectator Staff

Certain time restrictions prevented me from seeing Thor in time to write this review, but let’s just say this will make for a good alternative if Thor doesn’t look like your kind of movie.

Prom begins with the usual high school cliché: everybody is getting ready for the big day, drama is exploding left and right, people are asking each other out in ridiculous ways.

Then, just when all the prom decorations are finished, the

storage shed they were in gets burned down.

Nova Prescott, the preppy

senior in charge of the Prom committee, is left abandoned when all of the committee members bail out.

Then, to make matters worse, the Principal assigns Jesse

Richter, the school punk, to help Nova get the Prom decorations re-made with only three weeks left.

Prom surprised me. I always start out a movie at three stars in my head and let it go from there, and for me this movie started

going down right at the beginning. It was so full of high school cliché silliness that Disney is so expert at portraying that I found myself a little bored.

None of the characters interested me.

But then, after about forty-five minutes, the characters

suddenly came alive.

Nova’s parents stepped out of the

‘parent’ role and actually made some decisions that affected the characters, other characters

developed extremely well, the acting improved, and by the end the balance that they achieved between four different storylines actually worked and left me feeling happy about the story.

In the end I ended up liking who I was supposed to like, and enjoying it when the ‘villain’ got what he deserved.

Basically, if you aren’t in the mood for Thor this movie is still there, and is pretty good.

If anything else, this movie is a chance to remember our own high school experience. To look back at all the drama that surrounded our own proms, and let us compare ourselves to the over dramatized characters of this movie.

Whether we remember prom with good or bad memories, we all know that it is a significant experience of adolecence. Which is why they make a movie like this every year or so.

In the end though I give this movie three starts.

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